Father Gascoigne Guide: Where to Find & How to Defeat This Boss

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Blood…flows through your body and unleashes itself upon puncture. Bloodborne certainly ensures that you will observe a lot of the substance while you are making your way through the gothic architectural structures and backlit side streets.

I am always entranced by everything that the world of Bloodborne has to offers players, from the extensive lore intertwining with every step you take to the grotesque bosses that make their presence known to players. They certainly make their presence known a lot as they are bashing you to a pulp on the cobbled streets!

Of course, there are many strategies to utilize when battling bosses to make things easier for you, and that fact is especially important for the Father Gascoigne fight which will test your abilities early game.

I have compiled this guide to inform you of everything you need to know about the boss, their backstory, their loot, and ways to defeat them successfully! Let’s rip into that flesh, shall we?

Father Gascoigne — The Bottom Line Up Front

Father Gascoigne can be found in the Tomb of Oedon area and is the first mandatory boss that you will encounter if playing the game in the natural order. He will test all of the abilities that you have learned during the starting area of the experience.

In order to beat him successfully and quickly, it is recommended that you utilize the ‘Saw Cleaver’ as a weapon for the fight if you have it as it does increased damage against his beast form which is one of the three phases the boss has and can be the more difficult phase. Be sure to use some Molotov Cocktails on him when he is in the beast form also!

The ‘Tiny Music Box’ can be obtained and utilized in the fight to stun him many times, allowing you to get more attacks in and throw even more Molotov Cocktails at him. You will be sure to beat this boss in no time with all of those strategies!

The Backstory of Father Gascoigne — Lore of Wonder

Father Gascoigne guide

In terms of some of Father Gascoigne’s backstory, he was a priest before and that’s how he has the title attached to his name. He traveled to Yharnam and later became a hunter for the ‘Healing Church’. He had a wife and children and the ‘Tiny Music Box’ item was a memento of their family.

For spoiler reasons, I won’t go into too much detail here for you about that section! However, starting the side quest later detailed in this article will piece together the story for you.

Gascoigne also had worked with another hunter named ‘Henryk’ and the two of them had worked together within Yharnam.

However, unfortunately in Gascoigne’s final hunt, he had given in to the bloodlust that reaped its way through the world of Bloodborne and now had become a beast himself, now being everything that he once fought against.

Strategies to Defeat Father Gascoigne — Phases? They Shouldn’t Phase You After These Tricks!

Father Gascoigne Defeated

There are numerous phases for the Father Gascoigne fight, the first phase involves the boss using his Hunter Axe. You will be able to dodge and stagger him when he makes attacks if you have the correct timing with a shot from your weapon.

In order to stagger enemies, when they attack, fire a shot just as the hit is about to land. If you successfully do this for Father Gascoigne, you will get a large amount of damage delivered to the boss. For his first phase, he keeps his Hunter Axe in the shortened form and shoots his Hunter Pistol from time to time.

When the boss reaches 2/3 health, you will now have entered the second phase of the boss! He will now transform the Hunter Axe into the longer version and allow him to get more range for attacks on you.

This is where allowing a little room between yourself and the boss can be beneficial to then go and attack after he has finished a combo with the axe. Keep repeating this and you will make it onto his third phase which is the beast form.

Notably, an item named the ‘Tiny Music Box’ can be utilized throughout the battle to fully stun Father Gascoigne and allow you to get attacks on the boss with ease.

This can be obtained by completing a side quest. Although, using the Tiny Music Box three times will make Father Gascoigne transform into the beast form in any phase regardless of his health at that moment.

I would personally recommend using the ‘Saw Cleaver’ as a weapon for the fight if you have it as it does increased damage against his beast form. His beast form will unleash when he is at 1/3 of his health and he will make leaps at you and slashes, ensuring to dodge them is a surefire way to victory.

It can be brutal if you do not evade his attacks and eliminate him as quickly as possible. However, the ‘Hunter’s Axe’ transforming spin attack can also knock him down when he is on his human phase. For ‘Threaded Cane’ users, it will allow you to keep a suitable distance from the boss.

When Father Gascoigne is in the beast form, further, Molotov Cocktails will have increased damage on the boss in this phase, when not using Molotov Cocktails, stay as close to him as possible when attacking and dodge around him.

Being confident with your attacks in this phase will ensure you can get enough damage on the boss to eliminate him and watch him fall to the ground in ashes. Congratulations on defeating Father Gascoigne!

How to Get The Tiny Music Box

Tiny Music Box

If you plan on using the ‘Tiny Music Box’ against Father Gascoigne then you will need to start one of the game’s side quests.

Specifically, this quest can be started by speaking with the woman from the other side of a window at the house (next to a red lantern) near the Plaza in Central Yharnam. You will have to agree to ‘Search for her mother’ and you will be given the Tiny Music Box item.

Again, once you have the music box in your possession, you can take it into the battle with you and utilize it to stun Father Gascoigne. The exact reason for this is related to the aforementioned lore and either way is ideal for getting damage against the boss dealt.

The Reward for Defeating Father Gascoigne

When you have successfully defeated Father Gascoigne. He will drop various loot for you. You will receive a number of blood echoes and the exact number is 1800 that you will earn, a great amount for early game players! As for another item that you get as a reward, you will obtain the Oedon Tomb Key.

It should be noted that on New Game Plus runs, the number of blood echoes increases. For New Game Plus (1) you will receive 34,393 Blood echoes and for every subsequent New Game Plus run you will earn even more blood echoes!

Whether you’re planning to gear up for the fight against one of the toughest bosses in the game such as Amygdala.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Father Gascoigne is certainly a memorable boss battle for players of Bloodborne with the beast transformation unexpected in many ways.

Being sure to keep your dodges primed with attacks ready to go will observe you defeating the boss and continuing to the next challenge in no time! You now have all of the knowledge you need to know to go forth and anguish Father Gascoigne, it’s time to get that blood.

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