Bloodborne Hunter’s Mark Guide

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Hundreds of items are scattered across Yharnam, which can all be helpful to the Hunter if used correctly. The issue is that many of the item descriptions can be shrouded in mystery, leaving the player confused about what the item actually does. This is the case for the item known as the Hunters Mark, and if used effectively, it can quite literally remove you from the dangerous situation you are in.

What is the Hunter’s Mark?

The Hunters Mark item in Bloodborne allows the player to teleport back to the last lantern they interacted with. The Hunter will start with this item in their inventory, which has unlimited uses. The entire item description of the Hunters Mark reads;

“Dangling, upside-down rune etched in one’s mind. Symbol of a hunter.

By focusing one’s thoughts on this rune, a hunter loses all Blood Echoes, but awakes afresh, as if it were all just a bad dream.”

The Hunter can use this item in any desperate scenario, but there are some factors to consider before doing this. When you use the Hunters Mark item, you will be teleported back to the last lantern at the cost of your acquired blood echoes. So, the cost of each teleport can depend on how many souls you have collected in your current life, making this decision difficult for the Hunter.

hunters mark
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You must equip or select this item in your inventory if you want to use it. Once used, a choice will appear at the bottom of the screen. The text box will read, ‘Do you wish to reawaken?’ Selecting yes will begin the animation, and a few seconds later, you will be back at the previous lantern. 

When using this item, it is essential to remember that it will take a few seconds actually to teleport you. If an enemy hits you during the animation, it will be canceled, making the player panic while they are forced to continue the fight. Before using this item, be sure to check all of your surroundings, and use the thing when you are entirely safe. 

Losing Blood Echoes upon respawning may be enough to prevent players from using this item. Most of the time, hunters want to escape a situation when they know death is imminent and have a large amount of blood on them. While this can prevent those from using the Hunter’s Mark item, there is still something that Hunters can find in the world that allows for relocation without losing currency. 

Hunter Rune

In the picture of the Hunters Mark item, we can see the infamous Hunter Rune going straight through the middle of the item. This Hunters Rune does not appear on many other items in the game. The only other items with the Hunter Rune on them are;

  • Executioner Garb
  • Chalice Dungeon walls
  • Bold Hunter’s Mark

This Hunter Rune is one of the most recognizable symbols from Bloodborne, and it helps deepen the lore and speculation surrounding the lore even further. This is because the symbolism for this Hunter Rune is scattered throughout the map in intriguing ways the player may miss. For example, in the Fishing Hamlet, we can see the body of an enemy hanging upside down, and if we look closely, we can see that his body perfectly resembles the Hunters symbol. 

Bold Hunters Mark

Bold Hunters Mark
Image from Bloodborne Fandom

The Bold Hunters Mark is a consumable item in Bloodborne that acts the same way the regular Hunters Mark does, except there is a significant bonus to using this item over the other. The bonus is that the Hunter can keep their Blood Echoes when they respawn, making this the preferred option for most players. 

The item description of the Bold Hunters Mark gives us insight into its purpose and use, which reads as follows; 

“Dangling, upside-down rune etched in the mind of a hunter.

This reminder allows one to envision the rune with clarity.

Allows a hunter to awaken again without losing Blood Echoes, a trick that seems nearly too good to be true.”

The drawback to this item, as opposed to the regular Hunters Mark, is that it is a limited consumable, meaning that you will have to find or purchase more if you run out. These items are not impossible to find; however, the Hunter should be careful when using too many of them, as they come in limited supply. Below, I will go over all the locations where the Hunter can find these precious items. 

Where to Find The Hunter’s Mark

Messengers in the Hunters Dream

Hunters Dream
Image from Bloodborne Fandom

The ghastly allies that serve as the Messenger vendors will sell you the Bold Hunters Mark in their shop. Before you do this, you will need to acquire the Sword Hunter Badge, which is dropped after defeating the Cleric Beast atop the Great Bridge. 

Once the Sword Hunter Badge is acquired, the Bold Hunters Mark will be sold in the Messenger shop. Along with the Bold Hunters Mark items, the Sword Hunter Badge will allow the Hunter to purchase many new weapons from the shop. These weapons include the Kirkhammer, Repeating Pistol, Hand Lantern, Antidote, and the Hunter Chief Emblem. 

 The price for the Bold Hunters Mark items changed throughout the game, which can confuse new players. The costs and their increases will follow this path;

  • 400 Blood Echoes at the start of the game
  • 800 Blood Echoes after visiting Cathedral Ward
  • 1200 Blood Echoes after taking down Vicar Amelia 
  • 1200 Blood Echoes after defeating Rom, the Vacuous Spider

My tip would be to buy many of these Bold Hunters Mark items early in your playthrough, as the price jumps can build up over time, making buying these items more difficult. While Blood Vials, Weapons, and Quicksilver Bullets should prioritize these items, remember how valuable the Bold Hunters Mark can be. 

Eileen the Crow (x4)

Eileen the Crow
Image from Bloodborne Wiki

Eileen is one of my favorite NPCs in the game, and her questline is a thrilling challenge that all players should look to complete. When we first encounter her, she will give us four of these Bold Hunters Mark items. To reach Elieen, follow the steps that I will list below. 

Starting in Central Yharnam, kill the mobs of enemies below and continue past them. Once past, look for some breakable boxes near the ledge on the left side. Once broken, you can roll down, where you should end up next to a few dog cages. Head down the stairs and proceed straight into the opening of the building in front of you. 

As you enter the building, do not go down the extensive set of stairs. An enemy will be waiting for you to enter this area, and once you do, they will be prompted to walk up the stairs. If he is alerted, quickly dispatch him and turn your attention to the right. There is a big heaping stack of boxes and rubble that you will want to clear. Roll, swing, Molotov, or break the boxes in any way you see fit to reveal a secret doorway leading outside. 

Drop down carefully to the platform below. If you miss the small walkway below, you will most likely fall to your death. Once down, head right and proceed around the corner until you see another stack of barrels. Destroy those to reveal another secret doorway and head through it. Keep pushing up the staircase in front of you, and Eileen will be waiting for you. 

Central Yharnam (x2)

Central Yharnam
Image from Bloodborne Fandom

Some of these Bold Hunters Mark items can be found relatively early in the Hunters playthrough. The Hunter can see two of these items outside the Father Gascoigne fight at the Tomb of Odeon. After crossing the bridge with the boulder-hurling ogre and enemies, continue up the stairs to the right. 

Before entering the boss arena, take a right to find two large enemies guarding an item. Carefully kill these enemies, where I like to use Molotov cocktails to get splash damage and gather the time ahead. This item holds two Bold Hunters Marks, and the enemies you kill will likely drop blood vials upon death. 

Old Yharnam (x2)

In the area where the werewolves attack you by breaking through the doors, head forward in the direction of the Blood-Starved Beast. As you round the corner to the left, there will be a werewolf and a cloaked enemy who can inflict poison damage. Take them out, and then head up the wooden ramp in front of you. Once you pass the ramp, a few items will be waiting for you.

Once past the wooden ramp, look right to find a Wandering Madness, ten quicksilver bullets, and, more importantly, two Bold Hunters Mark items waiting to be collected. These Bold Hunters Mark items can be helpful for the upcoming fight, as Hunters unfamiliar with the Blood Starved Beast will take a few tries to get used to its speed and aggression. 

Cainhurst Castle (x2)

Cainhurst Castle
Image from Bloodborne Fandom

Cainhurst Castle is one of my favorite locations in the Soulsborne games, as the snowy landscape and unique enemies make this place a joy to explore. It is also home to valuable loot, including a few Bold Hunters Mark items. These are located on the path to Martyr Logarius, and I will list below how to reach them.

Starting from the winding spiral staircase right when you clear the buildings and reach the outside, head up until you reach the top. Make your way onto the roof and stick to the right side. You will eventually run into a gargoyle enemy on your left, so take him out and continue right. Drop down to the platform below, and head forward towards the cone-shaped rooftop. 

Travel around the cone’s perimeter, and drop down to the narrow pathway on the right side. Head forward along this path until you reach another cone-shaped roof on the left. Drop down to the perimeter of this roof, and continue around it until you can drop onto another small path below. 

Follow this path forward, where you find a Kind Coldblood (10) on a corpse to the right. Ascend the ladder in front of you, which will have the Hunter standing atop another rooftop. Before taking the gated path right up to Martyr Logarius, head straight to the other side of the roof. Here, you will find two Bold Hunters Mark items on a corpse slumped against the fence. 

Djura (x1)

Image from Bloodborne Fandom

This Bold Hunters Mark item is easy to miss, as players will likely kill Djura before he has a chance to give it to them. Although he shoots at us with a turret from the roof and combos us to death with his pistol, we will not kill him. We will not kill anything aside from the Blood Starved Beast and Darkbeast Paarl.

It is important to remember not to kill any beast you encounter on this run, as this will make Djura aggressive rather than friendly. After killing the Blood Starved Beast and Dark Beast Paarl, open the giant door in the Darkbeast Paarl arena to get quick access to Old Yharnam. Continue down the path and head up the stairs underneath the archway. Hug the right side of the gate and take the first staircase on your right. 

Keep running and ignoring the Beasts until you reach the ladder shortcut that takes you to the base of the giant building that Djura is on top of. Take a right and head up the ladder that takes you to Djura, and if you haven’t killed any of the beasts on your way, he will not attack you. 

Instead, he will give you a choice to either hunt or spare the beasts of Old Yharnam. Choose to spare the beasts, and you will have become friends with Djura. You will acquire the Bold Hunters Mark through the back half of the conversation. 

Chalice Dungeons

Chalice Dungeons
Image from Bloodborne Fandom

These Bold Hunters Mark items are really up to chance, as you never know what you will get in each Chalice Dungeon. Most of the time, these items and other precious loot can be found in the secret doorways that are located in the hallways before the level bosses. While traveling through these hallways, keep an eye out for doors on the left or right. 

After opening these doors, you will essentially backtrack through the level. However, you will be in a previously inaccessible area. Many enemies will stand in your way, but pressing forward is even more enticing with all the potential loot ahead. I cannot promise that you will always get these Bold Hunters Mark items, but there is a chance that these items will drop or be found through exploration.

The Hunters Mark and Bold Hunters Mark items are very situational, and their usefulness will depend on how dire one’s situation is. These items function similarly to the Homeward Bone of Dark Souls, and across both titles, I found myself constantly relying on these items to get me out of overwhelming situations. If you are a Hunter who loves to explore and seeks the thrill of venturing far without a lantern, these items will be essential to your success. Be sure to have at least one of the Hunters Mark items in your quick inventory before venturing into unknown territory, and you will undoubtedly have a better chance of making it out alive. 


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