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    No Mom, I can’t pause the game! No Mom, I can’t go to bed, it’s only 3 am! No Mom, I can’t stop now, just one more game! Sound familiar? Don’t worry, we have all been there. We dedicated gamers have all grown up in front of a screen and If you are anything like us here at Not Now Mom, it will have been one heck of a challenge to peel you away from your console, PC or any other gaming system. We reckon games are your true passion and the good news for you, is that you have found a site, with tonnes of players that share that passion. 

    So whether your mother still plagues you to go outside, or if you are a grown adult who battles against the responsibilities of adulthood to earn some free time to game, we are here fighting the same fight. You have found your new gaming haven. Welcome to Not Now Mom! 

    Our Goal

    We love producing content that comes from an expert point of view. We have dedicated gamers here that have poured countless hours into thousands of games, and with this experience, we aim to offer some of the best gaming content on the net. We love to cover all types of games, from the biggest AAA titles of the era to the more niche games that have popped up out of nowhere and taken the world by storm. In short, we aim to offer diverse coverage of all the biggest games of past and present. So whether you are an FPS aficionado or an RPG fan, we will have something on site that suits your tastes, we promise you!

    What We Offer

    Here at Now Now Mom we offer expert opinions and viewpoints on the biggest games of the moment. We have our ear to the ground and follow the newest and hottest trends within the industry to ensure that all our content is exactly what you’re looking for. In terms of the kinds of articles we offer, here is a quick rundown: 

    • Opinion Pieces
    • Speculation
    • Game Comparisons 
    • Detailed Game Walkthroughs 
    • Game Guides
    • Reviews 
    • Interviews

    We cover games in all shapes and sizes, but we admit, we have a bias toward games that can hold our attention for long periods of time. So expect to see a lot of content relating to RPGs and allow you to immerse yourself in huge, meticulously designed worlds. However, we are always open to producing new content based on what you love, so please reach out and let us know what you want to see on-site!

    How We Operate

    We have a dedicated team of writers that have been in the gaming industry for longer than it takes to complete all the tasks in a Ubisoft open-world game. So in short, a hell of a long time. The writing team here at Not Now Mom have tonnes of knowledge about any game that they cover. Journalistic integrity is a must here, so unless a member of our team is a certified expert, they won’t take on that topic. We care about offering the best content possible and providing info that is a cut above the rest. 

    Then as for ensuring quality, we have a dedicated editing team and a formatting team that proofread, fact-check, and make everything look pristine. So by the time you see our content, it is 100% perfect and will stand up to even the most weathered of gamer scrutiny. 

    Our Core Values

    We also have a set of core values that every member of the team holds dearly and tries to show in their work at all times. Here they are listed below: 

    • Accuracy 
    • Dedication
    • Journalistic Integrity 
    • Passion 
    • Professionalism

    Our Team 

    Then lastly, we have our team. We want to introduce you to the wonderful people here at Not Now Mom. These are the guys and gals that you can trust to deliver all of your gaming news, reviews and cutting-edge opinions forevermore. We have a diverse team with interesting stories and tonnes of experience in the gaming industry, so without further delay, let us introduce the NNM team: 

    John-Carlo Vijuan

    Gordon Bicker

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