Best Fallout 4 weapons

The Best Fallout 4 Weapons And Where To Find Them

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If you love Fallout 4 as much as I do, chances are you you’ve sunk countless hours into this beauty of a game. Many of those hours might have been in search of the best weapons in Fallout 4.

I’ve spent many an hour pounding away at ‘ye olde forge’ trying to mod my weapons to their fullest, and have been pleasantly surprised every time I’ve discovered a killer new weapon out in the wasteland.

So with that being said, I decided to put together this guide to help you find all of the best weapons in Fallout 4.

Funny/Gag Weapons
Fallout 4 Weapons
Nuka Cola Weapons
Far Harbor Weapons

Gag Weapons

4. Thirst Zapper

Type Base Damage Location
Ranged/water 20 Nuka Cola World

Remember when you first arrived at Nuka Cola world and had to fight the current head honcho Colter in a gladiatorial fight to the death?

What was funniest about this, was that you had to squirt him with what is effectively a water pistol to make his power armor short circuit so he can be damaged.

Did you know that you can actually upgrade this weapon to a functional and effective tool of destruction using the Project Cobalt schematics? You can pick up these schematics beneath the World of Refreshment near Rex Meachams remains.

3. Zeta Gun

Type Base Damage Location
Energy 20 Cabbot House

Best weapons in Fallout 4

This cool little gun I’ve included in our list of the best weapons in Fallout 4 because of it’s unique properties and use in the Cabbot House quest line.

The Zeta gun can be obtained by completing The Secret of Cabbot House quest. I’ll be honest, I’ve included it because it’s a cool gun, it doesn’t do much damage. However, it can be lethal to Lorenzo and appears to be a consolation price for siding with Lorenzo instead of Jack.

2. Western Revolver

Type Base Damage Location
Pistol 60 Nuka World

I wanted to include this in my list of gag weapons as I found it quite funny the idea of power armored troops traversing the wasteland and encountering a raider with a western revolver. Why it’s more funny than a spiked baseball bat I don’t know, but the image of a group of raiders wearing western costumes springs to mind.

This western sharp shootin’ pistol can be picked up in Nuka Cola world in Mad Mulligan’s Minecart Coaster.

1. Reba 2

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Rifle 64 50% bonus damage to Mirelurks and bugs Rook Family House, Salem

fallout 4 weapons

This weapon is worth getting just so you have the chance of dealing with the absolute character who gives you the weapon. Honestly he’s one of my favourite NPC’s in the game. This guy just loves killing him some Mirelurks and is filled with hilarious dialogue that is well worth listening to.

To get your hands on the Reba 2, aka the Lurk Slayer, you need to head over to the Rook Family House in the north east corner of the map and restore power to Barney Rook’s turrets in the Gun Run quest.

Fallout 4 Weapons

21. The Party Starter

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Missile Launcher 150 50% damage against humans Goodneighbour

Fallout 4 weapons

This nifty little missile launcher can be acquired relatively early on from Goodneighbor and is useful for assassinating humans due to it’s legendary modifier, you guessed it, Assassin.

You can pick up this handy human destroyer from KL-E-O in Goodneighbour.

20. Kellogg’s Pistol

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Laser 48 Refill your action points on a critical hit Fort Hagen

Best fallout 4 weapons

Kellogg is a son of a beechThis guy killed your wife, stole your son and generally messed your life up, so the least he could do is drop you a good weapon.

Thankfully, his pistol is not half bad. Refilling your action points is a very useful bonus and can help you chain head shots.

Kellogg drops this gun in Fort Hagen as part of the Reunions quest. Fight your way through Fort Hagen to reach the control center and after a battle with Kelogg and some synths, you’ll be rewarded with his trusty pistol. A worthy addition to any list of the best Fallout 4 weapons.

19. The Harvester

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Ripper 9 Chance to stagger on hit Echo Lake Lumber Mill

Fallout 4 best weapons

Rudududu. Sorry that that was my chainsaw noise. Anyway, this is a mini chainsaw that staggers on hit. Freddy Kruger really could have done with one of these.

This ripper has a very high base speed. Combined with the chance to stagger, there’ a good chance you can lock your enemies into a cycle of being stunned and shredded. Especially those darn early game ghouls.

This Fallout 4 weapon can be found in the Echo Lake Lumber Mill on the shelves of the first floor, which is swarming with ghouls just as a warning. This is easily one of the Fallout 4 best weapons for the early game.

18. Spray n Pray

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Melee 34 Bullets explode on impact doing 15 points area effect damage Bunker Hill


Best Fallout 4 weapons

This weapon does what it suggests on the label, which is area of effect damage (though this could also be likened to the experience of visiting the bathroom after a particularly spicy curry).

This earns it place on our list of the best weapons in Fallout 4 as I didn’t encounter many area effect weapons during my first play through, much less shotguns.

To get your hands on Spray n Pray, you need to purchase it from the wandering merchant Cricket. If Cricket hasn’t set up shop at Bunker Hill yet, you can find her wandering the commonwealth stopping at locations like Diamond City, Warwick Homestead and Vault 81.

17. Shishkebab

Type Base Damage Location
Melee 31 Saugus Ironworks


Best weapons in Fallout 4

This is literally a flaming, glowing samurai sword. Throw away the power armor and don a robe, it’s time to slice up the wasteland, samurai style.

The base of the sword appears to be a Japanese wakizashi, which is a smaller version of the katana, and looks as cool as it sounds. This weapon actually has a chance of dropping randomly, but most people pick it up from Saugus Ironworks (which is where I got it).

Visit Finch Farm and you’ll be given a quest by Abraham Finch to go retrieve his favourite sword, which he’ll then give you as reward for finishing the quest. It’s well worth doing, aside from being of the best Fallout 4 weapons, the quest is really cool with a nice climatic finish.

15. Grognak’s Axe

Type Base Damage Location
Melee 25 Hubris Comics


Best weapons in Fallout 4

Early in the game especially, ammo can be in short supply, which is where melee weapons can come in handy. If you’re going for a strength and endurance based build, even more reason to pay attention to these juicy melee drops.

Grognak’s Axe is located in an advanced locked case behind the counter in the first floor of Hubris Comics. The store appears empty at first glance, but it’s swarming with feral ghouls so throw some molotov cocktails and let them crisp up first, then the axe is all yours.

14. Deliverer

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Pistol 65 Improved VATS chance, 25% less action point cost The Railroad


fallout 4 weapons

One thing Fallout is not in short supply of, is 10mm ammo. The stuff is everywhere. Well, thankfully, you now have a use for this ammo that otherwise gets steadily more useless.

This pistol packs a good punch for a 10mm based weapon and is a good addition to our list of the best Fallout 4 weapons. You can pick this little baby up by first of all completing The Freedom Trail which connects you to the Railroad, then by completing Deacon’s Tradecraft quest. He’ll give you the gun as a reward.

13. Cryolator

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Heavy Weapon 20 Can freeze enemies Vault 111


Best Fallout 4 weapons

Things getting a little too hot out in the wasteland? Pull out this baby and freeze your enemies, literally. This uses the same technology used to freeze you at the start of the game, with is a little poetic.

This weapon can be found in Vault 111 right at the start of the game in the Overseer’s Office, but requires picking a master lock to gain access. Or, you can use a glitch using the dogmeat fetch glitch.

The only downside with this weapon is that the cryolator ammo is in very short supply, so use this weapon sparingly when you really need it.

12. The Ashmaker

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Minigun 8 Set target on fire for 15 points of damage Goodneighbour


Best weapons in Fallout 4

This is one of the coolest sounding weapon names ever, and to get this gun, you have to be pretty dastardly.

To get this Fallout 4 weapon, you need to locate Goodneighbour. After watching its ghoul overlord slaughter a resident for stepping out of line, pick up the The Big Dig quest.

If you decide to betray Bobbi and kill her, talk to Fareneheit (one cool ass name) who will reward you with The Ashmaker for your sins. Another one bites dust on our list of the best Fallout 4 weapons.

11. Righteous Authority

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Energy 31 Double damage for critical hits and the critical meter fills 15% faster using VATS Arcjet Systems


Fallout 4 best weapons

No list of the best Fallout 4 weapons would be complete without referencing ol reliable, as I fondly refer to the Righteous Authority.

This is a laser rifle that you pick up early in the game. This weapon uses fusion cells, which are very common once you start fighting synths.

This weapon is picked up en route to Diamond City. As you head south you will receive a distress call from a group of Brotherhood of Steel solders fighting of feral ghouls. Enter Paladin Danse. 

After you help the poor Brotherhood of Steel squadron fight off the feral ghouls (did they really need help?) you’ll be able to run quests for the BOS, starting with a personal quest for Paladin Danse to collect equipment from the nearby Arcjet Systems. After succesfully completing this quest, Danse will handover his prized posession, the Righetous Authority.

10. Les Fusil Terribles

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Shotgun 62 ‘Violent’ Legendary Modifier – 25% increased limb damage, higher recoil Libertalia


Best fallout 4 weapons

Most of the shotguns in Fallout 4 aren’t very good. They’re slow loading, have small magazines and have poor range.

Les Fusil Terribles changes all of that. It’s got decent range, holds 32 shells and does additional limb damage, so if you can land a head or groin shot, you’re gravy.

To get the weapon, you’ll have to kill your way through all the raiders at Libertalia. They aren’t overly tough (you can snipe most of them from a distance) so this should be an easy acquisition and good start to my list of the best Fallout 4 weapons.

9. Prototype UP77 “Limitless Potential”

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Laser 24 Unlimited ammo capacity, never has to be reloaded University Point


Best weapons in Fallout 4

The Limitless Potential is a great addition to our list of the best weapons in Fallout 4 for one key reason, you never have to reload it!

One of the most annoying things in Fallout is when you have to cease shooting the hell out of an enemy to reload and then take a load of return fire.

You can find this weapon in the basement of the bank at University point. You’ll need to open a master level safe to open the room this weapon is contained in by pressing a red button.

8. Furious Power Fist

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Power Fist 48 Deals more damage with each consecutive hit on the same target Swan’s Pond


fallout 4 weapons

One of the best melee weapons in the game (if not the best), the Furious Power First is lethal at both executions and close quarter combat.

Sneak attacks with this weapon will leave your opponents feeling like they’ve been hit by Mike Tyson on a bad day (and probably in pieces).

You can get your hands on this essential melee weapon by killing Swan at Swan’s Pond in Boston Common, but be warned, he’s a legendary super mutant behemoth.

7. Overseer’s Guardian

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Rifle 55 Two Shot effect, fires a second shot Vault 81


Best weapons in Fallout 4

If, like me, you like taking out your enemies from afar then this Fallout 4 weapon is for you.

The Overseer’s Guardian is a rifle that packs a punch and can be acquired early on in the game. The Two Shot effect means this weapon is great for landing shots to vulnerable areas and taking out your enemies from a far.

Alexis Combes in Vault 81 sells this bad boy for 3000 caps. To get entry into Vault 81 you’ll either need to hand over 3 of your precious fusion cores, or have the Smooth Talker perk.

6. Kremvhs Tooth

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Melee 28 Targets bleed and are poisoned. Exceptional damage Dunwich Borers


Best weapons in Fallout 4

Fallout is full of rich lore and allusions to H.P Lovecraft and his Cthulu mythology. Kremvhs Tooth is one of these allusions.

If you like to stab things this is a great pickup for you. If you like to stab them and then have them bleed and die of poison, even better.

Kremvhs Tooth can be found at the bottom of Dunwich Borers, a quarry found in the north east of the map. First though, you have to jump down a seriously creepy looking hole after witnessing some Blair Witch-esque cultist ceremony flashback (remember all the spooky sh*t in the woods?). There is a big with this where your power armor can get stuck at the bottom, so save before doing this.

5. Railway Rifle

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Radium Rifle 42 15 points area effect, radiation over time damage Big John’s Salvage

This unique rifle fires railway spikes (watch out super muties) and can be found at various locations, including Big John’s Salvage.

Ammo for this weapon is typically scarce, but you can buy the railway spikes fairly cheaply. Most effective at short to mid range in VATS, if you’re lucky you can pin limbs to walls!

Best Fallout 4 weapons

4. Broadsider

Type Base Damage Location
Cannon 108 USS Constitution


Best fallout 4 weapons

This is one of the more unique weapons on this list of the best Fallout 4 weapons. The Broadsider fires actual cannonballs so you might be a little short on ammunition.

You can pick up this beast by completing the chain of quests for the robotic crew of the USS Constitution.


3. Gauss Rifle

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Energy 110 15 points area effect, radiation over time damage Store Bought from 25+


Fallout 4 weapons

If you’re a true Fallout fan and have been with the series since Fallout 1 and 2, you’ll be more than familiar with this little baby.

The Gauss Rifle is an incredibly cool weapon of destruction and can output some of the highest damage in the game. This is a weapon you will want to mod as soon as possible to get your damage up into the 350 range, which is fairly easy.

In Fallout 2 the Gauss Rifle was one of my favourite weapons, because of the incredibly cool sound effect it made on firing. Listen to the absolutely disgusting noise this weapon makes as it pulverises Enclave troopers in full advanced power armor, cool eh?

2. Big Boy

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Fat Man 486 Shoots an additional projectile Diamond City, Arturo

Fallout 4 best weapons

The Big Boy is a legendary Fat Man that fires not one, but two nukes through use of the Two Shot weapon effect.

Unlike most of the other weapons on this list, the Big Boy can be purchased from Arturo (my favourite merchant) in Diamond City.

1. Final Judgement

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Gatling 15 25% faster fire rate and 15% faster reload Elder Maxson


Final Judgement is the best Fallout 4 weapon, in my opinion. This weapon uses a bit of game science to make it one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

Once it’s been modded with charging barrels, the weapon has a 50% increased fire rate resulting in a 100% damage output increase. Combined with the quadrupled per shot damage, this weapon is enough to shred through groups of even the toughest, heavily armored enemies.

You can get this weapon two ways. The first way is to do the Railroad quests, but don’t take part in the police station raid. Or, through the Institute quest- “Airship Down” where you can pry it from Elder Maxson’s cold, dead hands.

Best Fallout 4 weapons
Image credit – Camelworks

Far Harbor DLC Weapons

6. Two Shot Lever Action Rifle

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Rifle 70 Shoots an additional projectile Far Harbor

Best Fallout 4 weapons

Nothing like a double shot rifle to hunt us some wasteland scum. To get this weapon, we need to go Mirelurk hunting in Far Harbor. To get your hands on this weapon you’ll need to kill a Mirelurk Queen as part of the Rite of Passage quest.

I personally like to get up close and personal and demolish these beasts with well placed shotgun blasts, but to each their own, good luck is all I can say!

5. Kiloton Radium Rifle

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Radium Rifle 42 15 points area effect, radiation over time damage The Nucleus, Far Harbor

Best weapons in Fallout 4

Radiation over time and area of effect damage, what else could you want from a post apocalyptic wasteland rifle?

When fully modded, this weapon can easily be one of your weapons in the mid game. To get this weapon you’ll need to purchase the Far Harbor DLC and travel to the Children of Atom in the Nucleus. You can purchase the weapon from a merchant named Brother Kane at quite a reasonable price of 500 caps.

4. Sergeant Ash

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Flamer 13 20% chance to cripple targets legs Acadia, Far Harbor


Fallout 4 best weapons

This flamethrower is more than worthy of its place on our list of the best Fallout 4 weapons. Combining mods to boost its damage and fire rate, this flamer also has a 20% chance to cripple your enemies legs (try crawling away while you get fried!)

The increased fire rate means you are likely to trigger this bonus often, making this one efficient tool for cleaning up the Commonwealth. This is a particularly useful tool for dealing with large groups of enemies prone to swarming, like Super Mutants and Mirelurks.

Sergeant Ash can be bought at the free synth colony at Acadia in Far Harbor from a merchant named Dejen.

3. The Striker

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Rifle 100 Shoots an additional projectile Far Harbor, Beaver Creek Lanes

Best weapons in Fallout 4

Time for some bowling! The Striker ensures that you put all those evenings throwing bowling balls and looking faintly ridiculous to good use, because it fires bowling balls.

This cool weapon is added with the Far Harbor DLC and can be found, unsurprisingly in a bowling alley called Beaver Creek Lanes which is located slightly southwest of Far Harbor.

So strap on your bowling shoes and get ready to bowl a strike, it’s time to go bowling.

2. Atom’s Judgement – Far Harbor DLC

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Super Sledge 40 100 radiation damage The Nucleus, Far Harbor


Best weapons in Fallout 4

This radioactive super sledge sure does a pack a punch. Dealing 40 base damage and 100 radiation damage. This suped up sledgehammer also leaves a glowing trail of radiation vapor, I don’t know about you but I love glowing weapons – something I inherited from years playing Dark Age of Camelot.

This hammer is awarded for succesfully completing The Children of Atom quest in Far Harbor.

1. Admiral’s Friend – Far Harbor DLC

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Harpoon Gun 150 ‘Instigating’ legendary effect – deals double damage if the target is at full health The Nucleus, Far Harbor

Fallout 4 weapons

One of the coolest things to come out of the Far Harbor DLC, is the harpoon gun. A new type of weapon introduced in the DLC, the Admiral’s Friend is the king of harpoon guns.

Slow to load, but very powerful, this weapon is suited to players prone to taking down their enemies from afar. The legendary modifier on this weapon makes it the perfect weapon for assassinations and stealth attacks, as it deals double damage if your target is at full health.

You can purchase this weapon in Far Harbor from Allen Lee’s Gun Store for 1500 caps, pretty cheap considering!

Nuka World DLC Weapons

5. Splattercannon

Type Base Damage Location
Rifle 51 Nuka World

fallout 4 weaponsThe second of the new handmade rifles from Nuka World, this is another consecutive damage over time weapon that stacks your damage the more you hit your opponent.

For best effect, combine the Commando and Bloody Mess perks with this weapon to cause some serious damage out in the wasteland.

Splattercannon is like the Big Boy, in that it is store bough from Aaron Corbett in the Nuka World market. You’re going to need some Barter skills or end up spending 10,000 caps to acquire it.

4. The Problem Solver

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Rifle 57 Furious effect deals 15% additional damage per shot on the same target. Nuka World


fallout 4 weapons

This is one of coolest weapons in Fallout 4 due to it’s furious legendary effect which deals 15% additional damage per shot on the same target.

It may take some modding to increase the base damage, like most rifles, but once you have modded this rifle up a bit the consecutive damage modifier makes it quite a handy addition to your arsenal.

To get your hands on this weapon you need to pass a charisma check with Mason and select all of the right hand aggressive dialogue options. There won’t be a chance to get it again!

3. Citos Shiny Slugger

Type Base Damage Location
Baseball Bat 123 Nuka World


fallout 4 weapons

It’s not quite Negan’s Lucille, but Citos Shiny Slugger is a close second. Think of your run of the mill baseball bat, then add on spikes and rockets, and you have one of the best Fallout 4 weapons.

The fun doesn’t stop there, this handy bat has a legendary effect that will refill your action points on critical hits, making it the bashing machine of choice for the up close and personal approach.

To acquire this weapon, you’ll need to complete the Safari Adventure quest.

2. Aeternus

Type Base Damage Modifier Location
Laser 79 unlimited ammo, uses fusion cores Nuka World, Cola Cars Arena


Best weapons in Fallout 4

While we’re on the topic of unlimited ammo I thought this weapon was well worth a mention as far as the best Fallout 4 weapons goes.

The Aeternus has very high starting base damage and has the Neverending legendary effect, meaning it has unlimited ammo. This weapon uses a portion of a fusion core to fire, but will not drain further cores while still being fired.

1. Nuka Nuke Launcher

Type Base Damage Location
Fat Man 833 Nuka World


Best Fallout 4 weapon

This modified Fat Man is the second most powerful weapon in the game, behind only a modified Fat Man with the legendary Two Shot prefix (like the Big Boy above).

The Nuka Nuke launcher fires a modified version of the mini nuke called, you guessed it, Nuka Nukes.

To acquire this weapon you’ll need to complete the Cappy In A Haystack quest. Be warned though, it’s a pretty dark quest, requiring you to kill John Caleb at the request of Bradberton.

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