Fallout 4 companion guide

Fallout 4 Companion Guide

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War; war never changes. RPG gamers, on the other hand, are by their very nature a mixed lot, and Bethesda has a knack for keeping players happy no matter how story-focused/trigger-happy/sociopathic they are.

The world of Fallout 4 is one of mutants, monstrosities and misery, but somehow filled with enough life to briefly distract you from the desolation of post-apocalyptic Massachusetts.

You could go it alone as the Sole Survivor out into the scorched Commonweath, but we all need backup sometimes.

Luckily for you, there’s a wide range of Fallout 4 companions hiding out there, which is why we’ve created this Fallout 4 Companion Guide to help you find the right companion for your playstyle.

1. Cait

Fallout 4 Companions

Name Profession Location Romance Option Companion Perk
Cait Cage Fighter Combat Zone, Central Boston Yes Trigger Rush (+25% AP when Hit Points drop 25% below maximum)

Cait is a cage fighter, lock picker and enthusiastic drug addict making a living at Boston’s Combat Zone in exchange for room, board and narcotics. She’s also one of the more colorful Fallout companions you will encounter.

While few in the Fallout universe can claim to have had a ‘happy’ childhood, Cait’s story is a particularly unpleasant one; her parents sold her into slavery, forcing her to scrounge bottlecaps however she could. After finally managing to buy her own freedom, she immediately exacted vengeance on her parents at the end of a gun, before sinking into a hard Psycho habit and finding herself with an iron pipe against opponents in the ring.

Understandably, Cait is highly mistrustful of others’ kindness – but she can become a solid ally and even a romantic option after maxing out her approval rating.

Cait’s rough life makes her especially well-suited to gamers with a more chaotic disposition: she loses respect for the Sole Survivor if they express kindness or consideration towards others, but loves it if they swig hard liquor, take drugs and generally act unpleasantly towards everyone else in the world. Her lock-picking skill may come in handy, and she’s ruthless with a shotgun.

To find Cait, make a beeline for the Combat Zone in central Boston. Fight your way through the bandits and enter the building, and continue to fight your way to the large cage. Talk to the dapper Tommy Lonegan, who will offer for the player to take Cait along as a companion.

Pros Cons
She’s a crack shot with her shotgun She won’t approve of ‘nice’ actions
She can pick locks Bit of a drug habit
She knows how to party like it’s 2199 She probably kicks puppies

2. Codsworth

Fallout 4 companions

Name Profession Location Romance Option Companion Perk
Codsworth Mister Handy Domestic Robot Sanctuary Hills No Robot Sympathy (+10% Energy Resistance against other robots)

Next up in our Fallout 4 Companion Guide is Codsworth. Codsworth is the first friend you’ll meet after emerging into the dusty air of the Commonwealth, still blustering about the house in an effort to carry out his domestic duties.

Originally the protagonist’s family robot, players may be surprised to hear him speak their name aloud, thanks to the huge database of recognised names stored in the game files. If you (or your character) are a Meg or a Matthew, he’ll call you as such – as well as a number of bizarre titles and even expletives, if you’re in a juvenile mood.

Codsworth can be found tending to the ruined garden of the protagonist’s home near Vault 111, at which point he can immediately join your party. He’s a bit of an old-fashioned gent, and will forgive much of the Sole Survivor’s behaviour – but woe betide any ill manners on their part.

He likes a player with strong moral fibre, such as saving people from attacks or committing lawful actions; on the other hand, he dislikes it when the player is dishonest, takes drugs or drops litter on the floor.

Pros Cons
He’s immediately available at the start of the journey and is particularly helpful at lower levels Will disapprove of theft and murder, even if it’s fun
His closeness to the main character may make him a good option for players immersed in the story Not a particularly strong fighter in later levels (about as useful as a spoon versus a Deathclaw)
His blustering Britishness and Monty Python quotes are refreshing in the post-apocalypse Monty Python quotes can eventually get old

3. Curie

Fallout 4 companions

Name Profession Location Romance Option Companion Perk
Curie (short for “Contagions Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer”) Medical Robot Vault 81 Yes Companion Perk: Combat Medic (stimpaks are more effective, and she will heal the player if their Hit Points fall below 10% once per day)

The Contagions Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer, or ‘Curie’ for short, is a Miss Nanny robot repurposed for a secret medical lab in Vault 81. Her creator, Dr. Kenneth Williams, programmed her with the works of Charles Darwin, Alan Turing, Immanuel Kant, Albert Einstein and, of course, Marie Curie. He then gave her a French accent after an ex-girlfriend from Versailles, creating the ‘perfect’ lab assistant.

As a result of her programming, Curie developed an unusually independent personality, becoming an equal among her scientist peers rather than simply a tool. Even after they eventually died of old age, she kept working away on developing a cure for all human ailments while the lab’s test Mole Rats ran amok in the Vault.

Curie can be found in Vault 81 during the Hole In The Wall quest, after which point she can join the Sole Survivor as a companion, and even ultimately a romantic interest, making Curie one of the more interesting additions to our Fallout 4 Companion Guide.

Her medical background means she won’t like it if the player takes drugs or gets drunk while exploring the Commonweath, but she appreciates selfless acts as well as fair treatment of Synths.

Pros Cons
She provides medical support if the player gets shot in the face too much She’s a lover, not a fighter – she won’t last long in a firefight
Interesting personal quest line Not much fun at parties, if the player enjoys the occasional Psycho
That French accent That French accent (depending on taste)

4. Deacon

Fallout 4 companion guide

Name Profession Location Romance Option Companion Perk
John(?) Deacon Spy Railroad HQ, Old North Church No Cloak & Dagger (+40% Stealth Boy duration, +20% sneak attack damage)

Deacon is a charismatic and enigmatic figure (also one of my favorite Fallout 4 companions) A member of the Railroad faction, his past is shrouded in mystery even to his fellow activists; even he freely admits that he lies about most of the things he tells people, including his own name.

In the early stages of the game, Deacon takes a particular interest in the Sole Survivor, appearing on the sidelines in varying costumes but always wearing his trademark black sunglasses. This seems to be a habit for him; at one point he was briefly kicked out of the Railroad for impersonating a ghoul for a full month, which ‘freaked a lot of people out’.

Deacon can be recruited after the player reaches Railroad HQ. As a companion, he exhibits more independence than others; he will pick up items from fallen enemies of his own volition and change weapons accordingly, and will change his own clothes to better suit whatever environment he’s in. Note: this may mean you will be fighting alongside Deacon in underwear and sunglasses alone.

He appreciates unorthodox behaviour like lockpicking and hacking, but isn’t a fan of outright murder, mistreatment of Synths or cannibalism.

Pros Cons
Good with a variety of weapons, and will adapt to any fight Compulsive liar (but at least amusing)
A skilled lockpicker and computer hacker Entirely dedicated to the Railroad and will immediately turn hostile if the player goes against those principles
Frequently hilarious conversations Occasionally fights in underpants

5. Dogmeat

Fallout 4 companion guide

Name Profession Location Romance Option Companion Perk
Dogmeat Good Boy Red Rocket Truck Stop No Dogmeat can sniff out hidden items in the area

You would have to have a heart of stone not to travel with Dogmeat at least once. A staple of the Fallout franchise, Dogmeat is a faithful companion and a Survivor’s best friend (and full time good boy).

Dogmeat is his own dog, however. While he will elect to help out any worthy travellers he encounters, he is perfectly capable of looking after himself in the radioactive wild; when fighting alongside him, he will sometimes bite the legs and arms of enemies, allowing you an easy shot while they’re occupied. While Dogmeat lacks opposable thumbs and therefore cannot use a gun, he can be clothed in special dog-armour crafted at an armour bench.

He can be found waiting patiently at the Red Rocket truck stop just south of Sanctuary, where he can immediately be recruited as a companion. True to dogs everywhere, Dogmeat will love you no matter how much of a murderous alcoholic your character becomes, and is unaffected by companion relationship ratings, making him the lowest maintenance Fallout 4 companion in our guide.

Pros Cons
Is a dog Is thus far the only friendly dog
Will distract enemies, allowing you an easy shot Becomes less effective against stronger enemies
Can wear special armour and clothing You feel terrible if he gets shot

6. Hancock

Name Profession Location Romance Option Companion Perk
John Hancock Mayor of Goodneighbor Old State House, Goodneighbor Yes Isodoped (+20% critical meter speed when afflicted with 250+ rads)

John Hancock brings bit of old-world class to the Commonwealth as the de facto mayor of Goodneighbor, a community of outcast ghouls and misfits staking their claim in the ruins of Boston. A man of charisma and indulgence, he leads a decadent life of violence, politics and substance abuse, making him the perfect Fallout 4 companion if you plan on living a life addicted to stims.

Dressed in the very clothes of the historic John Hancock himself, he rules over his town with the respect of its citizens. He is relatively young for a ghoul – in fact, his ghoulification has nothing to do with the nuclear events of the world, but rather the result of an experimental radioactive drug. Rather than living in regret, he instead claims that his mutated appearance is ‘so worth it’ for the high he experienced.

Hancock can be met at any at the Old State House in Goodneighbor. A man of chemical tastes, he freely hands out chems during player encounters. After completing his companion quest, The Big Dig, he offers to join your motley crew.

Despite his rowdy lifestyle, he’s a surprisingly principled man, and will disapprove of the player stealing or maiming; instead, if you want to keep him in your favour the Sole Survivor should help their fellow citizen and make fair judgements – and also consume as many drugs as they can manage.

Pros Cons
Always ready with a quip and a way to get high, if that’s your thing Surprisingly goody-two-shoes for a mutated drug addict if you prefer a chaotic playthrough
A classy chap who’s popular with the ladies – and gentlemen Possibly hallucinating at any given point (if the character shoots into empty space he will ask ‘if you see them too’)
Easy to please as a companion – just take drugs and walk around in underwear to max out his relationship points Ridiculous hat

7. Nick Valentine

Fallout 4 companion guide

Name Profession Location Romance Option Companion Perk
Nick Valentine Detective Diamond City No Close To Metal (+1 extra lockpicking attempt, -50% cooldown time on failed hacking attempts)

Nick is the archetypal private eye, sporting a trench coat, fedora and an iconic Chicago twang. Well-known and cautiously respected by his fellow Diamond City denizens, he fights to help the little guy and do the right thing.

True to any detective story, there’s a twist: he’s very noticeably a Synth, with ‘skin’ peeling away to reveal mechanics underneath, and he has no memories whatsoever of his own past. At over a hundred years old, he’s had a long history of wandering the wasteland, but doesn’t even know where he came from.

Somehow programmed with the personality of a pre-war police officer, Nick is a principled and noble man. The player will meet him in Diamond City as part of the main storyline, and he proves his worth with his enhanced hacking ability. Any actions the Sole Survivor takes that helps people or exhibits kindness will gain his blessing, while theft, unprovoked violence and the consuming of corpses will put him off a bit (bummer).

Pros Cons
 Advanced hacking ability will help technophobic player characters Will disapprove of thieving and cannibalism, which some may find a drag
Being a synth, he is slightly more durable than the other fleshier characters Is mostly limited to using his revolver in combat, even if better weapons are present
Particularly cool character design and backstory Will make the player unpopular with the Brotherhood of Steel and the Institute

8. Paladin Danse

Fallout 4 companion guide

Name Profession Location Romance Option Companion Perk
Paladin Danse Commander of Recon Squad Gladius of the Brotherhood of Steel Cambridge Police Station Yes Know Your Enemy (+20% damage against ghouls, super mutants and synths)

One of the coolest entries in our Fallout 4 Companion Guide, Danse is a stoic mountain of a man, devoutly loyal to the Brotherhood of Steel. Never seen without his colossal Power Armour, he marches into battle with a singular view to ‘purify’ the Commonweath and turn any enemy into red mist.

Companionship with Danse is wholly dependent on the player sticking to the Brotherhood’s principles, and any deviation from them will result in a large, armoured man suddenly becoming hostile to you – so pick your battles very carefully if you decide to side with any of the other factions.

The player can meet Danse while he and his fellow soldiers defend themselves against a ghoul onslaught at the Cambridge police station, after which point he will offer a quest leading to his joining the Sole Survivor as a companion.

A true military man, he likes it when the player engages in behaviour like wearing power armour, jumping off tall buildings in said armour and reducing Super Mutants to green puddles; on the other hand, any sign of sympathy towards ghouls, synths or Super Mutants will incur his disappointment.

Pros Cons
Is a metal-clad giant with an equally oversized gun Is an overly serious giant with an overly serious gun; a bit of a buzzkill at times
For Brotherhood-inclined gamers he provides a great deal of lore and background to his faction Totally inflexible with his beliefs
He and his colleagues in the Order have the best toys in the game (eg. Power Armour, Gatling guns, vertibirds etc.) Will block doorways occasionally

9. Piper

Fallout 4 companions guide

Name Profession Location Romance Option Companion Perk
Piper Wright Reporter Diamond City Yes Gift of Gab (double experience points for persuasion successes and discovering map locations)

Piper will first be encountered by the Sole Survivor having an argument with the mayor and his guards outside Diamond City, which is a fitting introduction to her character: she’s a determined, anti-establishment reporter with a sharp tongue and a penchant for getting into near-death situations in the name of journalism.

Alongside her younger sister Nat, Piper runs the Diamond City newspaper, Publick Occurrences. The paper is met with mixed approval from the local citizens, with many disapproving of her ‘negativity’ when suggesting that the local mayor is actually a Synth, or that the caravan troupes are inflating food prices. Despite this, Piper remains an advocate of the truth.

The player will meet Piper as part of the main storyline when they reach Diamond City, and, after a brief interview, she invites herself along on your quest and becomes a companion. Although a voice for truth and openness, she’s no stranger to crafty tactics and will approve of the player picking locks (apart from ‘owned’ items) and helping out the Railroad – conversely, she will take issue with any outright theft or deception when talking to others.

Pros Cons
Her perk, Gift of the Gab, is especially helpful early in the game for accumulating experience points Piper’s starter weapon is rather weak to begin with
Despite being a ‘lightweight’ character, Piper can hold her own in combat with her modified handgun If you want that coat you have to kill her first
She will periodically hand out sweets (Sugar Bombs, sweetrolls, Nuka Colas) in case the Sole Survivor gets hungry
A bit preachy at times

10. Preston

Fallout 4 companion guide

Name Profession Location Romance Option Companion Perk
Preston Garvey Minuteman Concord Yes United We Stand (increased damage resistance and output when facing three or more enemies)

Preston is a throwback to the good old days of the Minutemen of the Wild West – a militia dedicated to fighting injustice and supporting the nation’s honest citizens. The Commonweath’s Minutemen are on the ropes, however – after the Quincy Massacre, their numbers have all either deserted or been killed.

Preston is the last of the Minutemen chronologically the first Fallout 4 companion you enter. Leading a tiny pocket of survivors across the Commonwealth under constant persecution of raiders, ghouls and worse. The Sole Survivor encounters his group under siege in Concord’s Museum of Freedom, protected only by Preston’s trusty laser musket, a few rotten doors – and one powered-down suit of Power Armour, which may be of some use to the player.

As befitting his lone-ranger stylings, Preston is a typical lawful-good character; he likes it when the Sole Survivor offers help or resolves conflicts peacefully, but isn’t so fond of the player demanding extra money, stealing or threatening people.

Pros Cons
Good in a firefight, especially with laser rifles A bit holier-than-thou if you steal from/maim/eat people
The game’s moral compass, for ‘lawful’ gamers Easy to lose Preston’s support when supporting other factions
Pretty sweet hat Not the most interesting conversationalist

11. MacCready

Fallout 4 companion guide

Name Profession Location Romance Option Companion Perk
Robert Joseph MacCready Mercenary, Mayor (formerly) The Third Rail, Goodneighbor Yes Killshot (+20% accuracy bonus for headshots in VATS)

Fans of the franchise may remember MacCready as the obnoxious child mayor of Little Lamplight in Fallout 3. Since then, he’s traveled the wasteland as a hired gun, fighting for groups like the Gunners and leaving a trail of bullet casings across the Commonwealth.

Although a bit of a rough character, MacCready does have a heart. After losing his wife to ghouls, his new task is to find a cure for his son’s life-threatening disease, and will blaze a trail with gunfire in order to do so.

In many ways the opposite of companions like Preston and Valentine, MacCready enthusiastically supports any actions the player takes that result in theft, violence and mercenary behaviour. Appealing to the good nature of others will get nothing but scorn from him, as will joining organised factions like the Brotherhood of Steel or the Railroad. One of the more difficult to please companions in our Fallout 4 Companion Guide.

Pros Cons
Will support your kleptomania Will disapprove of the player joining the Brotherhood or the Railroad, which may limit faction options
MacCready will pick up ammunition from the battlefield and share it with the player Only really possible to max out affinity if the Sole Survivor commits crimes
He has the highest endurance of the human companions
Surprisingly whiny for a mercenary – is scared of the dark, heights, water and lions

12. Strong

Fallout 4 companion guide

Name Profession Location Romance Option Companion Perk
Strong None (Super Mutant) Trinity Tower No Berserk (+20% melee damage if health falls below 25%)

Fans of the series will recall the eloquent Super Mutant Fawkes from Fallout 3 – a well-spoken anomaly among Super Mutants. Strong brings a similar vibe to the group in Fallout 4, acting as a wall of green muscle to back up the Sole Survivor in the stickiest of situations.

Incarcerated in a cell at the top of Boston’s highest skyscraper, Trinity Tower, Strong’s only company is radio thespian Rex Goodman, whose plan to introduce literary culture to the Super Mutants went seriously awry. Whilst imprisoned together, Goodman regaled Strong with extracts from Shakespeare as their
captors planned to throw them both off the top of the tower.

Now intent on finding the mistakenly literal ‘milk of human kindness’ (Macbeth: Act 1, Scene 5) somewhere in the Commonwealth, Strong is a unique companion compared to the other, human followers. While he cannot wear conventional armour, he can wear and wield anything his fellow Super Mutants can. He’s a simple man to please – just smash lots of things and he’ll be happy.

Pros Cons
Is basically the Incredible Hulk with a Super Sledge Doesn’t like things he doesn’t understand, eg. lockpicking, hacking, thoughtful conversation, resting, thinking etc.
Will give you meat unprovoked Is totally devoid of charisma and doesn’t trust people who have it
Can fight equally with weapons and his own colossal fists
Can’t wear normal armour (but looks great in rusted sheet iron)

13. X6-88

Fallout 4 companions guide

Name Profession Location Romance Option Companion Perk
X6-88 Institute Courser The Institute No Shield Harmonics (+20 Energy Resistance)

The mysterious X6-88, a Synth courser for the equally mysterious Institute, is likely to be the last companion you’ll encounter late in the game. First glimpsed in flashbacks during the main story mission, he’s an elite agent specialising in high-risk missions above ground with a singular view to destroy or retrieve property for his creators.

A true Synth, X6-88 is somewhat devoid of a personality, instead relying on his skills and Matrix-esque fashion sense to do the talking. Due to his programming, he is unquestioning in his loyalty to the Institute and will judge the Sole Survivor on their actions as such. Any use of technology or pro-Synth decisions will gain his respect, whilst being a good citizen to the fleshy residents of the Commonwealth will earn his ire.

Pros Cons
He’s very good at his job, and will light up the battlefield with any energy weapon Kind of a jerk to anyone living above-ground, including you
If you’re a player who likes gadgets such as Power Armour and laser weapons, X6-88 and you will get along just fine Will complain about any jobs not directly benefitting the Institute
Not as chatty as the other characters if you want some peace and quiet Sunglasses and black trench coats are so 1999

Automatron DLC

14. Ada

Fallout 4 companion guide

Name Profession Location Romance Option Companion Perk
Ada Institute Courser The Institute No Shield Harmonics (+20 Energy Resistance)

If heavily modified assault robots are your thing, then Ada is the perfect Fallout 4 companion for you. Created by the, unfortunately deceased, merchant Jackson, Ada is one two new companions available to the Solve Survivor in the Automatron DLC.

The Sole Survivor first encounters Ada during the Mechanical Quest, during which we learn a bit about Ada’s background and about the robots who eliminated the caravan she was travelling with.

Ada is one of two companions in the game who don’t give a darn what you do in terms of affinity (the other is Dogmeat). So if you fancy loading up on Psycho’s and going on a rampage, Ada’s cool with that. She’s also quite alright with righting wrongs and being a do gooder.

She can be modded at the Robot Workbench and can also be upgraded with lockpicking capabilities, making her a versatile Fallout 4 companion and one to suit either a ‘good’ or ‘evil’ play-style.

Pros Cons
Is a heavily modified assault robot Bit boring
Isn’t judgmental No affinity perk
Low maintenance Reminds me of Skynet

Far Harbor DLC

15. Old Longfellow

Name Profession Location Romance Option Companion Perk
Old Longfellow Hunter/Bodyguard The Last Plank, Far Harbor No Hunter’s Wisdom (reduces damage and energy resistance of animals and sea creatures by 25%.)

Fallout 4 Companion Guide

With a name like Old Longfellow, you’d expect this Fallout 4 Companion to be one of the quirkier companions available, and so he is.

A seasoned hunter and bodyguard, Old Longfellow is well known throughout Far Harbor for his exploits whilst younger and is still a force to be reckoned with.

Old Longfellow’s backstory is one of the most tragic in our Fallout 4 Companion Guide. Having fallen in love with a young girl Hannah who became pregnant with his child, he was ambushed by the Children of Atom who subsequently abducted Hannah and brainwashed her into following their cultish practices. Unfortunately, this caused Hannah to lose her baby as it was exposed to the radiation the cult worships.

Now understandably something of a cynic, Old Longfellow can be prone to bitterness and bouts of drinking too much, this doesn’t seem to affect his durability however and he is as good a Fallout 4 companion as any to traverse the wasteland with.

Pros Cons
Is called ‘Old Longfellow’ Rampant alcoholicsm
Wears a cool coat Rotten teeth
Knows how to slug whiskey like it’s water Sometimes forgets to take his weekly bath

Nuka World DLC

16. Porter Gage

Name Profession Location Romance Option Companion Perk
Porter Gage Raider Nuka World Yes Lessons In Blood (+5% more XP per kill and +10 Damage Resistance)

Fallout 4 Companions

Fallout 4’s answer to the ‘career criminal’, Porter Gage is a veteran raider of many years with a heart of caps.

Porter has one of the most darkly amusing backstories in the game. After seeing his family fall victim to raiders time and time again, Porter decided at the age of 16 if you can’t beat em, join em, which is exactly what he did.

Having worked his way up the raider ranks under the wing of a raider leader called Connor “The Harvester”, Porter was then betrayed by his leader who viewed Porter as something of a threat to his leadership.

After this setback Porter found himself on the outskirts of the commonwealth where he managed to unite three raider gangs into one force so they could take over Nuka World. Porter ended up right hand man to the leader of this united gang, Colter, who the Sole Survivor polishes off in the arena.

Porter Gage is one of my favorite Fallout 4 companions and a great way to finish off our Fallout 4 Companion Guide.

Pros Cons
Is like an evil Dwight Schrute Rampant alcoholicsm
A caree raider since 16, Porter knows his stuff Rotten teeth
Knows how to slug whiskey like it’s water Sometimes forgets to take his weekly bath

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